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CityLeague Team Ski Racing is drag racing at its best.

It's fun and competitive for Skiers and Boarders of all abilities.

Your team competes in a seven-week series, including a qualifying night, running early January through early to mid-March. Teams are made up of mixed ability racers and can have 6-12, or more racers (minimum age of 16). You turn in weekly line-ups of six people on your team, and they race two runs per night - paired with opponents from other teams of equal speed/ability.


Side-by-Side Format

Courses are wide open GS Style and negotiable for intermediate skiers and snowboarders with no race experience. Six members on each team race each week and are "pre-paired" with opponents on other teams of equal speed and ability. Racers ski two runs each. Once on each dual course.



For NEW Racers:

  • The first week we qualify new racers starting at 7pm.
  • Just one solid run is necessary.
  • If you can't make it to Qualifying night, you can come up on a subsequent week on YOUR league area/night as an additional racer to the six paired racers called in by your captain. (You can not race a paired race on the same night you qualify.) You will race at the top of the start list and take two runs.


  • Returning Racers will already be qualified based on previous year's data.
  • If you are switching Areas, (ALP vs. SUM), you should re-qualify. We just need one good run to get you placed in your new league for pairing.
  • Everyone is welcome to come and run on the first qualifying night (for practice or fun grudge matches). (Everyone must have a valid waiver in prior to this)



The second week is when it all starts getting really fun. After each captain emails in their line-up (six racers that will be competing that night), we input them into our program and produce a paired start list. Start lists must be received by 10:00 a.m. on the day of racing. Racers can check the start list on our website or at the race start before competition begins. We race from 7:30pm sharp to about 9:30pm each night. We reverse the order of running every other week (so the slower skiers get "rutless" courses too!); we call those Caboose Nights.



We will not cancel just for rain or non-ideal conditions - we'd never get 7 weeks in if we didn't race in some bad weather. We will cancel if conditions are determined to be unsafe. (TBD by RaceMeister and/or Summit Mgmt). Cancellations for weather are usually made by 4pm on race day. Cancellations may happen up to start time depending on circumstances (closed pass, unforeseen issues). Find the latest update about cancellations on Facebook, or by calling CityLeague (206-226-3211). 7 weeks are NOT guaranteed but we do everything we can to make-up cancelled nights. We will extend the season as long as the mountain is open to complete the races. This may involve finishing at Alpental even if you race at SUMMIT, since ALP is open longer.



Each of six racers on each team gets two runs per night —one on each course. Racers earn points by beating their opponent on each run...two points per victory. So, if all six racers win all their heats, a team can earn twenty-four "Dual H2H Points". Then we take the five fastest combined race times (both runs added together), from each team, and total them. The fastest team gets ten points, the second fastest gets nine...and so on. That's how we get "Team Points". Dual and Team Points are added and are cumulative. Teams earning high points at the end of the season win various prizes.


Race Locations
  • The Summit West course is directly under the Pacific Crest Quad - right up from the new lodge.
  • The Alpental course is to the far skier's left - along side the little St. Bernard Chair.


If you are interested in forming your own team call CityLeague @ 206-226-3211 or email us @ We'll help you get started.


Printable pdf of Rules

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