How It Works


Kids will be assigned to "teams"...Austria, Canada, Swiss etc. This is based on age/ability and on any special circumstances or friend requests. We typically have 2 adult coaches per team. Teams are usually 6-10 racers.

We meet at the finish corral, under the Pacific Crest chair each Friday night at 6:15pm and head for the chairlift at 6:30pm.

Each week we have a different curriculum that we work on with our groups. The kids get hands on coaching, participating in race specific drills to increase their skiing ability. We will get some video of the racing and make that available to you as well.

After working on our curriculum for the night the kids take their skills into our race course for racing. This is head to head dual racing. The kids love this format. We race duals from approximately 7:30-9pm. This is a full length CityLeague race course and a blast for the kids.

You can pick up your child at the finish corral, or make arrangements with them to meet you some place then. (We'd like to know what those plans are, too.)


Weekly Schedule:

  1. Week 1 Qualifying/Free Skiing Drills
  2. Week 2 Starting/Finishing
  3. Week 3 Reading the Course
  4. Week 4 High Line/Low Line
  5. Week 5 Early Edge Pressure/Transitions
  6. Week 6 RR tracks/Tightening our lines
  7. Week 7 Attack mode!, Intro to Slalom, End of Season Awards 8pm-10pm (usually downstairs from Rosita's)



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